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5in1 Spinning Spa Body Brush

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Long-handle 5 of every 1 Electric Bath For Spin SPA Massage Shower Cleaning Brush Waterproof Facial and Body Cleansing Set

Highlights :

Incorporates five connections : microderm, rub, brush, pumice and purifying head and requires 3 AA batteries

Long handle makes coming to your back and lower legs simpler

Loads up with cleanser : works with your #1 cleanser or body wash for consistently cleaning

Advances better, more youthful looking skin and in a split second alleviates tired pain-filled muscles

Cleaning head with delicate fibers for regular cleaning

Detail :

Size : 30.5*20.5*9.5cm

Fueled : 3 x AA batteries (excluded)

Weight : 620g

Bundle Includes :

1 x Honana BX-T856 Electric Bath Spin Cleaning Brush

1x Cleansing head

1 x Massage head,

1 x Pumice

1 x Mesh Sponge

1 x Cleansing Head


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