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Angel Goddess Invisible Bra


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The exact bra: lalabra holy messenger goddess silicone glue bra with flexible drawstring is the end way to deal with the need for a comfortable, revealing, self-glue bra for any event. The lalabra heavenly attendant goddess bra is planned with the wing shape to help in moving overabundance fat matched with the movable drawstring that permits you to pick the degree of better cleavage.

Format and texture: produced using light-weight and comfortable texture and logical evaluation silicone and poly gel. Makes a marginally there, risqué bra choice to your garments.

Cleavage improving: enhance your cleavage up to 2 bra sizes with our extraordinary holy messenger wing format and customizable cleavage boosting drawstring.

Reusable: reusable with appropriate adapting to and cleaning.


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